Ehallpass is a digital tool for schools that makes things safer and more organized. The hall pass system offers services like safety, accountability, and efficiency for K-12 schools.

This advanced system upgrades traditional paper hall passes to a digital format, enhancing the experience for students, educators, and school staff.


E-Hallpass is a convenient digital system that students can use at any time, through a website or app, to get passes for leaving class or going to different places in the school.


Once the student’s request is approved by their teacher, the student receives an alert on their dashboard for the digital hall pass in their system. It is valid for a long time. Students also can scan the pass and check its validity. They offer instant updates on where and how students move around during the day.

How Ehallpass works?

EHallPass organizes school hall pass management through a series of simple steps:

  • Requesting a Pass: Students log into the EHallPass app and request a pass by stating their destination, reason for leaving, and expected time away.
  • Approval Process: Teachers receive an instant notification to review and either approve or deny the pass based on necessity and timing.
  • Tracing Movement: On approval, EHallPass issues a time-stamped digital pass, enabling real-time tracking of the student’s location and absence duration.
  • Reporting and Analytics: School administrators access EHallPass data for insights on pass usage, helping in policy making and monitoring trends in student movement.

Features and Capabilities of EHallpass

EHallpass offers a ground-breaking method for controlling student mobility in educational institutions. Here is a summary of its advanced features and functionalities:

  • Different Types of Passes: provides several hall pass options, such as passes for using the toilet, seeing a nurse, and meeting with a guidance counselor.
  • Hallway Pass Validation: Contains a staff scanner application to make it easier for staff to validate passes in corridors.
  • Timely Alerts: Improves student accountability and safety by automatically sending alerts if students do not return within the allotted period.
  • Convenient Kiosk Mode: This user-friendly kiosk mode expedites checking students in and out.
  • Movement Reporting: Produces movement reports that provide insightful information for administrative decision-making.
  • Strong Privacy: Enforces strict privacy laws and access restrictions to guarantee security.
  • Interactive Teacher Dashboard: Teachers use an intuitive dashboard to assess and approve pass requests quickly.
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How to Register on EHallPass?

Creating Your EHallpass Account is a simple and easy process. Just Follow these Steps:

  • Visit Website: Go to the EHallpass website and click on signup.
  • Choose Your Role: Select whether you’re a Student, Teacher, or Administrator. It determines your account permissions.
  • Enter Information: Fill in your name, email, and school affiliation details.
  • Choose a Password: Create a secure password.
  • Agreement to Policies: Carefully read through and agrees to the terms of service and privacy policy of EHallpass.
  • Confirm Email: Check your email for a confirmation link and click on it.
  • Set Up Profile: Complete your profile with any additional required information.
  • Start Using: Log in and begin using EHallpass.

Login Ehall Pass

After registration, logging in to the ehallpass account is simple:

Ehallpass Login
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • On the homepage, find and click on the ‘Login’ option.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Now click the ‘Login’ button to access your E-Hall Pass account.

By following these steps, you can easily access the E-Hall Pass system and its features.

Troubleshooting Common Login Issues

If you encounter login difficulties, consider the following:

  • Ensure your login credentials are correct.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Clear your browser cache or try a different browser.
  • Contact your school’s IT support for further assistance.

EHallpass Setup: Profile, Passes, and Favorites

To enable all functions in EHallpass, you must complete your profile, generate passes, and adjust personal settings as desired.

Profile Completion

Let’s set up your profile with the mentioned below steps:

  • Go to the login page and find the profile section.
  • Input your Student ID Number and upload a student photo.
  • For teachers: Enter class information, contact details, and schedule.
  • For admins: Outline your role and establish site associations.
  • Add personal information like graduation year, email, and phone number, and save to complete your profile.

Create a Hall Pass

Here’s a simple guide for creating a hall pass in EHallpass:

  • Access EHallpass via its website or app and sign in.
  • Opt for the “Create a Hall Pass” option.
  • Choose the appropriate pass type, like locker, restroom, or nurse.
  • Determine the pass’s time limit or expiration based on school rules.
  • Provide additional details as required by teachers or school officials.
  • Submit the pass for teacher approval and await confirmation.

Set Up Favorite Locations

Simplify your EHallpass experience by establishing favorite locations:

  • Open the EHallpass app and select “Favorites” from the menu.
  • Tap the + icon to add new favorite locations.
  • Choose commonly visited spots like specific halls, classrooms, or offices.
  • Sort these locations according to your preference.
  • Save your favorites, which will then auto-fill in future pass requests.

Reset Ehall pass password:

Forgot your EHallpass password? No worries, follow these simple steps to reset it:

Reset Ehall pass password:
  • Visit the EHallpass login page and select ‘Forgot Password.’
  • Enter your email associated with EHallpass.
  • Find the EHallpass reset email and click on the provided link.
  • Create a new password and confirm it, 
  • Now click on ‘Reset Password’ to update your password.

Once you’ve reset your password, you can access your EHallpass account using the new password. For any issues during this process, contact your school administration.

EHallPass For Students

Requesting a Pass:

Quickly request a hall pass from the dashboard. Just create a new pass, enter your destination, and provide additional details like the pass’s reason or duration.

Pass Approval:

After requesting a pass, it awaits approval from a teacher or administrator. Track the status of your pass directly from your dashboard and look out for approval notifications.

Monitoring Pass Time:

EHallpass enables you to track the duration of your time away from class. It’s essential to follow the allotted time for each pass, as this information is monitored by school staff.

Returning to Class:

When you return, check in on EHallpass. This simple step concludes your pass and records your return, ensuring accurate tracking of your hall pass activity.

EHallpass For Teachers

Approving Passes:

  • Process: Efficiently approve student pass requests.
  • Criteria: Consider pass timing, destination, and purpose, and utilize automatic approvals or restrictions.

Monitoring Passes:

  • Active Tracking: Keep track of active pass durations and locations.
  • Use Insights: Ensure passes are used correctly and students return timely.

Data & Reporting:

  • Analysis: Use EHallpass’s historical data for pattern recognition and classroom management insights.

Integrating Rules & Addressing Misuse:

  • Rule Integration: Develop and communicate EHallpass-based classroom rules.
  • Handling Misuse: Be prepared to address EHallpass misuse with reporting tools.

Ehallpass for School Administrators

As school administrators, it’s essential to use EHallpass to make your school run smoother and keep students safe. Here’s a straightforward guide to managing EHallpass:

Setting Up Hall Pass Rules:

  • Define Rules: Clearly state the limits on pass numbers, duration, off-limits areas, and requirements for getting a pass.
  • Update Regularly: Modify rules as needed for safety and compliance.

Monitoring EHallpass Use:

  • Watch and Learn: Use EHallpass reports to ensure rules are followed. Look for patterns like frequent class absences or late returns.
  • Adapt Change rules based on these insights.

Controlling Access:

  • Manage Users: Decide who gets access to EHallpass and their permissions. Disable access when necessary.
  • Privacy First: Ensure EHallpass usage complies with your school’s data privacy policies.

Maintaining the System:

  • Regular Maintenance: Conduct routine checks and updates on EHallpass.
  • Fix and Upgrade: Repair or replace essential hardware like scanners as needed.

Improving the System:

  • Continuous Evaluation: Periodically review how EHallpass is used to find areas for improvement.
  • Be Flexible: Adjust the system usage to enhance efficiency and user experience.

Training for Users:

  • Educate: Ensure all EHallpass users are well-trained in its use and understand the rules.
  • Support and Reinforce: Help when needed and regularly remind users of the correct procedures.

Benefits of the EHallpass

The EHallpass Digital Hall Pass System offers a range of benefits, enhancing the management of student movements, school safety, and efficiency. Here are seven key advantages:

Improved Safety and Security: The system comprehensively tracks student movements within the school premises, significantly enhancing overall safety and security. It enables prompt responses to unusual activity, ensuring a more secure environment for students and staff.

Enhanced Efficiency: This system simplifies administrative tasks by automating the issuing of hall passes. It reduces the time teachers and students spend on managing passes, thereby streamlining the overall educational process.

Real-time Tracking: The EHallpass system provides live updates on student whereabouts, which is crucial for maintaining proper order within the school. This feature is especially beneficial in managing large schools that monitor student movements. It is manually challenging.

Paperless System: By eliminating the need for physical paper passes, the EHallpass system is an environmentally friendly solution. This digital approach reduces waste and aligns with modern, eco-conscious educational practices.

Increased Classroom Time: The EHallpass system ensures students spend more time in the classroom by minimizing the time required for managing hall passes. This increased learning time can lead to better academic outcomes and a more efficient educational process.

Most Common FAQs:

How do I create a hall pass in E Hall pass

To create a hall pass, log into the EHallpass app or website, select the ‘Create a Hall Pass’ option, choose the pass type, set its duration, add any required details, and submit for teacher approval.

Can I save favorite locations in E-Hall-pass? 

Yes, you can save your favorite places for quick access. Go to the ‘Favorites’ section in the app, add new locations, and save them for future use.

 Is it mandatory to complete my profile on E-Hall-Pass? 

Yes, completing your profile, including adding a student ID and photo, is necessary to access all the functionalities of EHallpass.

How do teachers and admins use EHallpass? 

Teachers input class details, schedules, and contact info, while admins need to detail their roles and site connections in the system.

What happens if I forget my E-Hall-pass login details? 

If you forget your EHallpass login details, use the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login page or contact your school’s EHallpass administrator for help.

Overall Experience:

EHallPass is a modern, digital solution to streamline hall pass management in K-12 schools, significantly enhancing safety, efficiency, and accountability. Its user-friendly interface allows students to conveniently request passes via an app or website while enabling teachers and administrators to monitor and control student movements effectively. With features like real-time tracking, customizable pass types, data-driven insights, and a paperless system, EHallPass modernizes the traditional hall pass process and aligns with the evolving needs of today’s educational environments. This comprehensive system ensures a safer, more organized school experience for everyone involved, making it an invaluable tool in contemporary education management.

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